I can has karrot kake?

How to post your bun lolz

We’re all animal lovers, and if you’ve wound up here you’re probably a lolcats fanatic. I am also a complete and total bunny addict, and think our long eared friends get the shaft on lolcats – dogs get their own page, bunz get lost amongst the maowsers! So I’ve put up lolbunz to collect all these images in one place. Here’s how to help:

1) If you have any lolbunz (i.e. an image created with the lolbuilder or similar) please e-mail me or post them in a comment here. To be posted on the main site, they should follow the same basic rulez as anywhere – please keep the captions fitting on the image, and please don’t cover the bunneh’z faycez!  Please also pick new images, there are so many bunzles out there. At this point I reserve the right to judge which lolz get posted.

2) If you’ve submitted more than one good one lolbun here, I may ask for your help. Let me know if you’d be willing to be added as a writer on this blog, and I’ll add you. Then you can post lolbunz directly to the main page. I reserve the right to remove any images not containing bunnehs, but other than that please help me find what you like!

3) VOTE at Icanhascheezburger!  If you see a bunneh, vote for it! Let the folks there know we love our bunz, and hopefully get more lolbunz on the main page.  Write the lolcats folks and let them know you’d like to see I can has Karrot Kake merged as a lolcatz subpage like the loldogs and political pundits and such.


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